Different Islamic Duas

One of the major factors of a Muslim conduct is the making Different Islamic Duas. Besides the overall and primary events like Eid, funeral, fasting, marriage, and so on, Islam stresses upon Muslims to supplicate for even the maximum trivial of topics. Consequently, practicing Muslims supplicate to Allah Almighty even for the best of matters in everyday ordinary.

Even though the regular tasks inside the each day ordinary may be undertaken without supplication. Supplicating indicates the perception of a Muslim and represents the reality that even for the most trivial of things. A true believer turns toward Allah Almighty for seeking his advantages and assist.

 You can download & View Different Islamic Duas Below

Before Eating Forgot to read Bismillah before Eating After Eating Before Sleeping After Waking up
On Entering the Toilet On Leaving the Toilet On Entering Home On Leaving Home On Begining a Journey
On sitting in a Transport On Receiving a Gift On Feeling Anger After Sneezing After AlhumdoLilah after Sneezing
On Starting a New Work On Seeing the New Moon On Seeing the Moon On Watching Mirror On Raining
On Entering Market Before Starting Ablution (Wudu) During Ablution (Wudu) After Completing Ablution (Wudu) On Entering Mosque
On Leaving Mosque When Climbing Upwards When Descending At Handshake On Entering Graveyard
Shab-e-Qadr Thanking a Favorer Refuge from Poverty and Kufr On Wearing New Clothes On Undressing
After Nikah for Bride & Groom After Eating at an Invitation After Drinking Milk On visiting someone Ill On covering Grave with Earth
For protection from Dangerous Pests On applying Oil in Hairs Before reciting Holy Quran Repenting after Committing Sin On Drinking from Well of Zam Zam
For Increase in Knowledge Funeral Pray for Adult Male & Female Funeral Pray for Non Adult Male Funeral Pray for Non Adult Female For Safety
Thanking after Acceptance of Dua At time of Calamity Relief from every Illness Before begining a Surah (Except Surah Touba) Salat ul Hajja