Important Islamic Duas

QuranForKids is proud to bring some more islamic stuff for you. And this time it is regarding islamic duas. Every muslim faces problems, stress or go through’s some situation. This is the time when he seeks help from the Allah almighty. We have listed some of the important and most used duas.
Dua for Admission into Jannah Dua for tire seventy angels Dua for Elimination of grief Dua for entering Jannah Dua for reward Dua for protection Dua for Protection Dua for Protection against insanity Dua for Protection from hell fire Dua for protection of family Dua for protection from life threatening 12 Islamic Dua for Reward Islamic Dua for Reward 15 16 17 18 19 20  Islamic Comprehensive Dua Sayyidul istighfar Islamic Dua for ALLAH guidance Islamic Dua for Death with imaan Islamic Dua for Pain killerIslamic Dua for Forgiveness