We teach Quran by providing our students one to one classes online which allows you to communicate with your tutor live, online Quran tutor through handwriting, typing and audio/video conversation. We combine experienced and certified tutors and time-tested teaching methodologies. You can try our 3 day Free Trial Lessons to evaluate our Quran reading service. After the Free Trial, you can decide to continue or not. Our online tutoring service is a very affordable way to learn Quran online.

Quran Reading with Tajweed for beginners:

This is a very basic course to learn Quran online with proper Tajweed rules. We will develop the students to identify Arabic alphabets. On the completion of this course, students will be able to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

Quran Memorization | Learn Quran online

Memorizing Quran simply means learning it by heart. At the time of Prophet (peace be upon him), the writing was an uncommon style of storing matters; thus, memorization and oral transmission were the most effective modes of preserving information. We teach you to memorize the Holy Quran with most effective methods and teaching styles, so you can easily learn Quran by heart.

Quran Translation:

This course is specially designed for those students who already know how to read Quran.If you don’t know how to read Quran then you should take Quran Reading with Tajweed Classes before starting Translation classes.

Tajweed and Tarteel Course:

Tarteel means “Recitation.” The Arabic for “slow, measured rhythmic tones” is tarteel. Tajweed means “Improving,” or “to make something better.” Moreover, Tajweed is a manner of beautifying the recitation of the Quran by reciting in a much slower manner than tarteel.

Arabic Course:

This course is designed especially for those who want to learn the Arabic language. You will be taught Arabic alphabets to make sentences and speak the basic Arabic language with fluency.

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