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How a Quranic academy helpful

Every Muslim is obliged to recite and understand Quran, it is one of the most important duties of the people who follow the religion. The Quran is in Arabic language which needs to be understood by Muslims all over the world. Quran has been translated in many other languages to be understood by people with different natives. Now, the Quran has been translated in almost all of the existing languages.

Quran academies have been set up in many countries to make Quran accessible to the people. To make it more easier and convenient, people have set up Quran learning online academies. As everything is being automated and so are the Quran learning academies. Better tools are used by the tutors to make it better for the learners.

There are many Quran learning academies that have been set up such as. Much advancement is used by the people running the academies, learners don’t have to download Skype or any such applications on their phone or computers. Students are introduced in a completely new virtual class with a board and tutor by just a simple click. They even offer free trials to the learners and ask for very affordable fee every month which can be paid by money transfer facility easily.

Communication is done through a webcam so that the student and teacher could see and convey their message in a better way. There are total 30 chapters (siparah) in the Quran which are taught one by one. They start teaching by the first chapter usually. All the letters of Arabic are introduced to the students so that they can recite the language properly. Tajweed is also taught by the teacher which makes enhances and corrects the pronunciation of the learner. Tajweed is a very important part in the recitation of Holy Quran so it is taught through out the course.
As a Muslim, it’s necessary to recite and understand Quran. The Muslims all over the world are indulged in Quran learning so that they can practice their religion in a better way. It is said that there are many benefits of reciting Quran and it is heartily believed by many Muslims.

QuranForKids is an online institute where you can learn Quran online with Tajweed. The aim of our institute is to spread the teachings of Quran around the globe and spread its word to as many people as possible. We wish to reach people who can’t find Islamic schools in their region. Our online way of teaching doesn’t pressurize you to follow our pace instead we help you to learn at your own pace to keep up your interest. A tutor assists you in teaching you Quran with Tajweed. Through our website ultimately you can get education of Quran and Islam from wherever and whenever you want.

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