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Quran is the Divine word and inside it conveys the insider facts of both this world and the world in the future. For a Muslim it is compulsory and in addition an ethical commitment to learn Quran so that he or she can comprehend the directions of God and live as needs be. One must remove some time from everyday life to take in this Holy Book. At our School we unconditionally welcome you to start this honorable deed and see it satisfied in the most ideal route conceivable with our “Quran for Kids” program. The system contains:



  • An early on course in regards to the standards required in perusing of Quran
  • Assistance in Quran recitation and interpretation
  • Lectures on the essential Ideology of Islam and the matters concerning day by day life
  • Quran Memorization help


Quran for Kids is a solid Online Quran teaching Academy gives you a chance to take in the principles of Tajweed that is better for your children, grown-ups and new Muslims to lead their lives as per the Islamic guidelines. Presently understudies of all ages in any nation can figure out how to recount Quran at their own particular timetable. Guardians can now watch their youngsters adapting Holy Quran before their eyes and we are certain that you will be completely fulfilled by the nature of “instructing of Quran”.


Throughout the years, Quran for Kids com has set up itself as a regarded brand among guardians who wish to instruct their youngsters about Quran. With steadily expanding number of clients everywhere throughout the globe, Quran for Kids takes uncommon measures to guarantee that the Quran learning procedure is viable so that after each lesson the understudy of our online Quran teaching classes leaves with an expanded and better information of Quran.


Some significant reasons why you ought to pick us include:

  • Quran for Kids is a pioneer in online Quran showing area and our image name is the verification of the endeavors we have put since 2005.


  • The understudies of Quran for Kids have a place with various mainland with various social foundations.
  • Quran for Kids is glad for its accomplished and qualified instructors who assume a vital part in the learning procedure.


We have employed guide bosses to make a keep an eye on mentors. Coach Chief guarantees that all classes are being led in time. Our understudies and guardians are allowed to call to CSR or Manager whenever to illuminate them about the advancement of instructor’s instructing.


Quran for Kids is the biggest Quran Tutoring administration on web with gigantic experience of showing Quran on the web. Quran for Kids is a lone Quran learning online organization that has Female Quran Tutors and also male Quran guides, this helps our understudies, be it men or ladies, babies or adult siblings and sisters pick Quran coaches suitable for their Quran lessons.

Learn Quran Online Quran Learning for Kids Online

The worlds most recited book

Quran is world’s most recited book by Muslims all year round and especially in the month of Ramadan, it is recited in the form of Taraweeh. Every Muslim at least learns how to recite Holy Quran. Some of them memorize it who are called Hafiz and some prefer to understand the commands or guidelines that Allah has given to us. Allah has given commands for passing on knowledge of that Quran carries. It is a book of divine guidance.

Some verses in the Quran seem to imply so much that even those who do not speak Arabic would value the Quran if it were recited to them. Quran is actually Allah’s speech bestowed upon us in the form of a book through Mohammad (PBUH). For guidance in any part or phase of life, Muslims turn to Quran for guidance. The reciting and preaching are rewarded by Allah. No human can match the words of Quran even with the help of thousand more.

World's most recited book

Quran should be correctly and accurately recited with Tajwid. Tajwid provides information about how an individual should pronounce the syllables, where to pause and where to be fluent, to elision, where the pronunciation should be long or short, where the word should sound together and where they should sound separate etc. Moreover, there are also melodious and musical features of recitation in Quran. In order to prevent from incorrect pronunciation, reciters who are not native speakers of Arabic language must strive to follow a program of training in countries such as Saudi Arabia or Egypt.

World's most recited book

There are two types of recitation: murattal is at a slower pace, used for study and practice. Mujawwad refers to a slow recitation that positions heightened melodic modulation and technical artistry, as in public performances by trained experts. It is guided to and reliant upon an audience for the mujawwad reciter seeks to engage and involve the listeners.

World's most recited book

World’s most recited book, Quran:

World’s most recited book, Quran, is a complete instruction book and its the duty of every Muslim to read Quran, understand and follow the teachings of Quran. The recitation of Quran brings peace and prosperity in our houses and hearts. It is necessary to get the knowledge of Quran or at least one should learn how to recite it. To acquire the knowledge of Quran is a benefit to our own selves. Quran is like a light to the darkness developed in a man by doing wrong things and comes to know what is Islamic and what is non-Islamic.

World's most recited book

Quranforkids is a website that provides you a service. It assists you in the learning of recitation of Quran online with tajweed and lets you understand the basics of Quran. The main aim of our website is to teach, preach and spread the message of Quran and Islam. In today’s advanced world people want to have everything always in their reach, World’s most recited book fulfills this purpose. Many people had issues in attending an institute physically, so to attend a course at Quranforonline you just need headphones/speakers, Mike and the most important a good internet connection.


Benefits of Online Quran Academy – QuranForKids

The most basic duty of every Muslim is to obtain the knowledge of Islam and Quran. In Muslim countries, getting Quran classes is not difficult as there are mosques and institutes present in every area.  The Muslims who are living in western countries and the non Muslim areas find difficulty in taking Quranic lessons. To help out such Muslims, there are different online academies available now. These academies have online existence. Any Muslim person can get registered to these academies. When you join any Online Quran academy, you get the following benefits

1-No Need To Go Anywhere

When you get registered to a Quran academy online, you need not to anywhere to learn the holy Quran. You can do it at home very easily. All that you need is just get connected to the internet via laptop or PC and use video calling software for the communication with the teachers. The learning in this way becomes very interesting as it is done with the comfort of home.

2-Highly Qualified Tutors

An Online Quran Academy gives you the best opportunity to learn Quran from highly qualified tutors. Every tutor is certified and has many years of teaching experience. Teaching experience is an important factor that is considered while selecting any teacher or institute. You can take the benefit of their knowledge and experience according to your requirements.  They are available for 24/7 and they are ready to offer you lessons anytime you need.

3- Affordable Fee
online institutes for learning Quran charge very reasonable fees from the students. If you compare the benefits of these institutes as compared to the fees, you will find the charges very reasonable. The high cost of Quran tuition often discourages the students to take lessons but the online institutes are generally very reasonable and charge very affordable fees from the students thus making it possible for everyone to take online class.

4- Convenient AndFlexible Timing

When you attend an online class, it will offer you very convenient and flexible timing. You will feel very comfortable by sitting at your home. You can take class by sitting in your bed room too. There are many convenient options for you. Whether it is morning time, a day or night, there is no restriction of timing.The institutes are open for 24 hours. You can select your own time. So if you are a school going, a college-going or an office going person and are very busy in your life still you can take time out of your busy life and take online Quran classes. This convenience and flexibility in timing is offered to the people for motivating them to turn towards Islamic and Quran teachings.

5- No Restriction Of AgeAnd Gender

There is no restriction of age when you want to take online Quran class. The classes are open for everyone regardless of age and gender. Both male and female students can easily take their Quran lessons. Female tutors are also available.